Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 10, 2009

What justice system?

Seriously, is this is how we keep our roads safe here in the Great Potato State???   What a joke!  You know that our justice system is a mess if someone actually believes this is a good punishment…you won’t believe  THIS article, I am surprised it actually was made public!!!!   It makes me very M.A.D.D.!!!!

Sounds like we need some signs like this one found in Othello, WA.


Thanks to Chuck Woodbury’s Roadside Journal
for the picture, his blog post is here.


  1. That’s infuriating. His 8th time?? C’mon….. someone needs to do their job. It’s really going to be a sad day when that guy kills someone. ((shaking my head))

  2. Don’t you have the 3 strikes law? Several states do…3 arrests for drunk driving and you’re in jail!

    That’s the way it should be….so senseless otherwise.


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