Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 13, 2009

Picture Pages

Just a few strange and miscellaneous pictures from my phone…

This picture was taken about 25 miles from my house…a city that has serious gang problems, and lots of people that don’t seem to keep their homes and neighborhoods up.  Very sad.  

BUT, I had just gone to get lunch (for all of us at the salon—the day I got my hair done, BabyAm was getting her’s done) and as I sat in the fast food parking lot, I looked over and saw this.   One man and 6 or 7 young kids (only can see 4) with garbage bags and they were picking up trash.  I would say they were all around 8-11 years old.  I absolutely loved it!   Wanted to share some pride with all of you.  🙂  Obviously…THEIR pride (in their neighborhood).


I’m not quite sure WHY in the world I would post this picture, but it’s kind of comical.  I suppose it shows you all my real personality.   I kind of think my face looks like an animated crab.  Like the one from the Little Mermaid…

Nope, I wasn’t drunk, but it was taken on New Years Eve.  (I need to post more pictures from that night, it was so much fun! – I will try and get caught up blogging soon!)


 Belt Buckle has been seeing me do some scrapbooking, and just as the new semester started, he asked if BabyAm and I would decorate his binders.   I did this one.  He said he didn’t want them to be “girly”…LOL


Yesterday Hubby went to a clients office and had a few minutes to spare.  As he was killing time, he saw these signs…too funny!  I would hate to live on either of them!  How embarrasing!


And this one…


Thursday night is “scrapbooking night” for me with JoJo, but BabyAm needed to get some stuff done, so I asked her if she wanted to go with me last night.  I think she had fun.  JoJo gave her a bad time for being a “newbie”. 


 I’m sure that there are more I’ll be posting soon!



  1. Those street names are awful!

  2. Fun pics!

  3. So glad you are a live and well. I have had a busy but good week. I forgot it was Thursday night scraping. Please remind me I really want to come one of these times. It looks like fun!


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