Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 26, 2009

For My Ex

You didn’t answer the phone for me today when I called.  Somehow I knew you wouldn’t.   You always answer when I call.   You must know that I am in shock, and that I do not agree with your decision.   I need to get this out, and I’m afraid it won’t come out so nicely on the phone.  So I’ll spare you.

I am not judging you.   It is not my place to judge.  You know I’m not that way.   Though you are my Ex, you are more like my brother, and I feel like I am losing my brother, this is the part that is the hardest for me.  I’m very sad. 

I was so proud of you, and so happy for you.   You are 6 months sober.  (Please, please, please don’t lose that piece of your identity!)  You were finally away from the drama, pain and hurtfulness of your marriage.    You were moving on, and seemed so excited about it.  We all were excited for you.   What happened?


She is a manipulator.   You know everything that I could possibly say to you is true, and you have said it all yourself.  You have been (once again) blinded by her lies, and you are the only one that can do anything about it.   She is using your love for her, to get what she wants until she is done with you and then the cycle will start all over.

We have been friends for 22 years now.  I’ve always been there to support your decisions.  I wish I could support you now, but not this time.  You did what you needed to do for “YOUR” (other family), and I have to let it go.  


I have to do it for BabyAm.  I have to do it for her…


…and for “OUR” family.


  1. Steph, looks like your trip was fun. It sounds like maybe you came back to some drama. I hope it shakes out smoothly and that peace will prevail.

    Hugs to you.

  2. Just wanted to offer up some (((hugs)))


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