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OMG, I’m a Grandma!

Got your attention huh?    LOL

BabyAm and Belt Buckle brought home a bouncing baby boy yesterday from their Parenting and Child Development class (they have it together).  It’s about 3 months old, and it’s computerized.  WOW, technology has really changed!

When I was in my “Home Ec” class in highschool, we had EGGS, we drew faces on them, and we packed them around with us for several days (and put them in the fridge at night to sleep).   But this is way more realistic.   This baby turned itself on at 4pm in the afternoon yesterday (Friday), he breathes, he eats (for about 10-15 minutes each time), he sleeps, burps, cries (for different reasons including needing a diaper change), coos, and makes other baby talking sounds.  Amazing.   

They were sent home with a baby carrier/carseat, a blanket and a diaper bag.  The diaper bag was complete with two outfits, one is pajamas and one is an outfit to go out in, along with a little toy, a 5 oz bottle with a sensor in it.  Then it also has two diapers for him, with magnets in them, so the computer can tell if/when he’s been changed.  There is a little bracelet with a sensor on it that you have to rub on the baby (in certain places) before doing any of the necessary things, so that the computer will recognize it is being done.

After school yesterday they headed to Belt Buckles’ house to show his parents the baby and have dinner.  Belt Buckle’s mom took this picture and sent it to me.  Sweet huh?  She fell asleep while they were making dinner.   How many of you have pictures like this (of you or someone else).  Too fun.  


This sweet baby came on the afternoon, after a 4:30 am morning finishing a big project for Belt Buckle.  If you can believe it, his partner never made herself available all week, never answered/returned phone calls or texts, and didn’t show up for school on the days they had that class (block schedule).   So, because she didn’t help, we all pitched in to get her piece done.   It was a big magazine project about WWII.  And if you know me, I’m not very history knowledgeable…so I helped with the picture stuff.  LOL  (me helping with the picture part is funny, not the project)

You can imagine after a long long night of home work, and 2.5 hours of sleep, how exciting it was for the kids that they became instant parents.   That’s pretty realistic.  And then during the evening, Belt Buckle found out he had to work all day today.   Again, that is pretty realistic too.   He was pretty ticked off, because he really (honestly) wanted to help out BabyAm.   He’s done a good job so far.   He seems to have the “what’s wrong with the baby” instinct.   Kinda funny if you ask me, cuz he’s not one for really liking “babies”.

As I type this, BabyAm is asleep on the couch, with a sweet sleeping baby who’s been fed (by her), changed (by her), burped (by Grandma…because she’s still afraid to pat the baby hard enough), and swaddled tightly (by Grandma…because I got him to burp so I just did it and then laid him down next to her).

This is about as real as it gets my friends, without really having a baby here.   It’s heavy too.  So strange.  This was only the first (just under) 18 hours.  He will turn himself off at 7am on Monday morning.  Stay tuned…more excitement to come! 

I am off to help out Mrs. Potts with lunch for the Judges at a Debate Tournament for a few hours.   So Grandpa (lol) will be around to help if necessary.


  1. Cute little baby, but sure cries alot! That little guy ate and ate and ate and decided that nobody in the house needed to sleep through the night! 🙂

    Belt Buckle is showing that he is a great little helper though.

  2. Grandpa’s quite the help … taking pictures of my baby drinking! haha

    We did too sleep, we all went to bed around 11 and the rest of us slept til bout 4 am … so it wasn’t bad =)
    I’ve become a baby mama … eeek!

  3. I love this post!! Can’t wait to hear more about the baby and how mommy and daddy are holding up!!!

  4. Thats cool. I love the idea. Can’t wait to see more pics and hear more about how it’s going. 😉

  5. Hahhahaaa-that is too freakin funny!!
    Love the picture-looks just like a tired Moma!


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