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Grandparent Update

In the morning (Monday), about 7am we will no longer be grandparents.   I think that’s a good thing.  It’s been nice to have a baby around for me, I needed a baby fix.   Though it was pretty close to real, I don’t think I got attached.   I needed facial expressions and a baby that can kick and move it’s arms.  These move, but you have to move them yourself.

Last night, we watched a movie, afterwards we all (the kids, the baby, Hubby and I) piled into the truck and headed out to ice cream.   The kids weren’t too awful excited about taking the baby in public, but they handled it pretty well.  They did get some strange looks, when people saw that it was NOT the same color as they were, but the kids stayed calm and didn’t blink an eye.  Belt Buckle carried the diaper bag in, and then he carried the baby out.   It was sweet.

Today they went to the grocery store (by themselves w/the baby) and got some pies for dessert, and they took the baby in, in it’s carrier.   Then they headed to get a couple more movies, and just carried the baby in, without the carrier.   Again, more strange looks but hey…that’s what happens when you’re young and have a baby, so I’m sure it was something new to people, especially if they saw it was not real. 

I took a couple pictures, not many because there weren’t any “great shots” but these will have to do.  And Belt Buckle isn’t one for pictures, so I have to get them when I can.   He’s so funny!





Cute pictures huh?

I think the baby is getting  a little “bug”.  He has a little cough.  I told BabyAm to mention that to her teacher tomorrow (lol).  We (a little too late) looked up the baby and the information on how it’s tracked.  If you want to learn more about it, click here.  And if you want to see the report that the teacher prints out, you can find it here toward the bottom, but do read through that page, it’s pretty interesting.  They have a tobacco prevention program too.  Very cool stuff.

I have mixed emotions about the baby going back to school tomorrow, but I am thankful that it’s really opened the kid’s eyes to a little taste of parenthood.  Both are sure that they want to wait until after college.   That is just fine with me. 

I should be able to get my REAL baby fix soon, as my friend Megan (that’s not her real name) just finally had her baby this afternoon.  A girl!  (I knew it!)   7 lbs, 7 oz and 21 inches long.    She said that JP (the baby’s initals) has some hair too!   She wasn’t due for another 2.5 weeks, but as you can tell by her weight…she was probably ready to come out!  Congrats to all of them!!!!  I can’t wait to see them.

Additionally, a couple great things happened to me today, that  I need to share. 

First of all, this afternoon, I got a text from The Dark Knight.   OMG, I love getting texts and calls from the boys, it just makes my day.   We shared probably 10 texts each that lasted over about an hour’s period.   I loved every second of it.   Something I just can’t explain!

And tonight, a miracle happened (well, I’d like to think it is).  I put on a pot of hot water, and then  Belt Buckle asked “are you making tea?”…when I replied that I was, he said “I’d like to try a cup”…you heard me right!!!  He wanted to try a cup of tea!  Amazing!!!!!   And so I gave him a shortbread finger to dip in it.   He liked both!  Whoooo Hoooo!  Now seriously I don’t know if he’ll ever have another cup, but that was definately cool.   (If you are reading this and you go to school with him, PLEASE don’t mention to him that he drank tea, PLEASE, you have no idea the progress that he’s made and I’d like to keep it that way.  Thanks!)  The only other male that will drink tea with me is Freckles, so now it’s just icing on the cake.   Two out of 3 of “my boys”…too awesome!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I did.   But now it’s time for bed.  Goodnight Peeps!


  1. Very cute pictures!
    Love the dog between his legs, hahahaa-just GREAT! 😉

    I think the assignment is pretty awesome, noting compares to the real thing and the BILLS but its a nice way to experience it before hand. I remember being 19 w/The Teenager and good golly was it hard…but here we ALL are 14 years later so I guess we did alright.

    Ps. Just wanted to send another HUGE thanks out to my new computer God over there!!!! Thank you BUNCHES!!

  2. Glad you guys had a good time.

  3. Your post heading from yesterday sent a chill down my spine…I was SO glad that it was a school project. Sounds like the lesson was well learned. It’s nice that BB and BA are doing so well! 🙂

  4. Love these pics! And yay for him trying the tea! Big deal. I’m glad that they got a taste of it too, and after college is certainly a good time frame!


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