Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 14, 2009

Eye Exams

It was time for eye exams.  It had been 3 years.  We didn’t realize that, until today.   Not very on the stick are we?   So we had appointments one right after another.   And we asked if Belt Buckle could go too.  His mom was thankful.

Much to our surprise, BabyAm still doesn’t need glasses.  Just for reading, and she really was told she MUST wear them while reading, working on the computer and while doing homework.   She knew that already, but forgets (chooses not to) quite often.

Belt Buckle’s eyes changed just  a bit, and opted not to get new glasses.   I think he’ll be changing his mind though.  BabyAm mentioned that he was having 2nd thoughts.   I am sure it would benefit him to update his lenses.  We’ll see.  I did get this shot of him sleeping while he was waiting for BabyAm to get done with her exam.  Too funny!  I don’t know if he knows I took this either…shhh!


Hubby really wanted to get out of his progressives, and back to single vision.   Can you blame him?  He is wondering if that might be the reason his neck and shoulders are always so stiff…tipping his head back to work on art work close up on his monitors…and he always had to take them off to sit back in the chair and watch TV.   So…he made that change, and seems to be very happy. 

Though my appointment was first, I was terrified that I was going to need bi-focals or reading glasses.  You know, I am coming up on 29…(again) in the next couple months and it just had me really on edge.    I had the Doc. originally fit me for contacts, but the thing is…I wore them while everyone was getting their eyes checked and started getting a headache again.  NOT good.   I decided that I just am not cut out for them.  I have tried them several times over the years, and just have not been happy with the outcome.  My vision is no where near as sharp and I seemed to squint all the time.  I do however love how thyey make my eyes look, and I love being able to wear sunglasses.

We both ended up with transitions, and seem to like them very much.  Getting them on sale makes all the difference in the world as well.   Hubby’s choice was conservative, mine however was “Funky”.   Live a little, have some fun!   (And if you watch Seinfeld…they are “Nicole Miller”‘s – LOL



If you hate them…please don’t tell me.  Cuz they are a blast!


  1. They are really cute! I want to see them on though.

    I finally got new glasses and I love them. I’d been out of glasses for years-mostly just lazy-but I’m thrilled with the new ones.

  2. Are you kidding me?? I love them! Did I mention that I just went to the eye dr too? Got 2 new pairs and 2 diff. styles. I’ll have to send you a pic too. And yes, I want to see your specs on you!

  3. Now I know……Audrey Hepburn!!!!! Check out your pictures, she has them on in one of her photos. Too Cool

  4. Ah.dor.ab.le!


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