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Well,  yesterday proved to be quite the day.  Our LITTLE TINY BABY GIRL, turned “17”…very scary, very cool, and very sad all at the same time.   Some moments I was so happy for her, that she’s grown up to be such a sweet and wonderful young woman.   Some moments I felt very scared that we haven’t finished teaching her things that she needs to know.  And some sad moments too,  partly because she no longer fits on my lap to rock, to hold, to comfort…and partly because she has other (good) priorities in her life that took her away off and on during the day, that would be Belt Buckle.  Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely adore him…but I’m still learning how to “let go” a little, and it’s tough.  

BabyAm has changed so much over the past 5 months (It’s hard to believe they’ve been going out 5 months!).   They remind me alot of a YOUNG — Hubby and me.   She didn’t want anything for herself.   Ok, very little, and it was things like a specific CD and some eyeshadow.   What she really wanted was to spend whatever we were planning on spending on her, to spend it on Belt Buckle.  Sweet.   So that is what we let her do.  His birthday is tomorrow.

Over the past few days (Belt Buckle and BabyAm’s Spring Break) he bought and gave immediately to her…the things he wanted to get for her birthday…I’ll have to take pictures.  

After much anticipation, The Dark Knight and his darling girlfriend (who I still need an alias for) arrived!  They came in very late, and we swept them immediately to dinner!

Today we are taking the kids to have a fun day….the adults too!   We are going to have pizza and pop, and open presents…followed by Costco Cupcakes (YUM!)…then an unlimited day of Lazer Tag, Mini-Golf, Go Carts, and games!  Should be fun!!!!  🙂

Pictures soon!


  1. Happy Birthday BabyAm and Belt Buckle! Sounds like you’re going to have a great day!

    I’ve missed you Steph! Hope all is well!

  2. wooohoooooooo!!
    happy birthday to BabyAm!!
    i cant wait to see pictures!
    I know you guys will have a blast.


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