Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 28, 2009


Oh, the fun we had today!

Would you believe we took a total of 655 pictures, in less than 5 hours? 
Yeah!   Absolutely out of control!

Wanna see the best 69 photos?  Of course you do!

Click on the picture for more!!!


I’m pretty sure that BabyAm and Belt Buckle will NOT forget this B-day party!

And to be honest, none of the rest of us will either!

PS…The Dark Knight’s sweet girlfriend, now is “Sailor Girl”
Yay!  She’s got a name now!!!


  1. Cute!

    Love your new glasses!

  2. OK, im like, what is wahooooz?? lol! Looks like everyone had a blast. Was also wondering if you got a chance to ride the go-carts. Glad that you did, momma needs to join in the fun too! And, the pic of your new specs, LOVE them!! This pic is much easier to see, than the one you sent me. Darling, funky, fun, adorable!


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