Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 13, 2009

New Camera

A couple weeks ago, I got a new camera (ok, not NEW, but new to me).   It’s a Nikon D80.  I absolutely love it!!!  It also has an AF-S DX Zoom – Nikkor 18-135mm lens.  We have taken so many pictures with it, just playing that I’ve had to go back through and do some picture purging.   But honestly, they are coming out wonderful!   This camera is a “hand-me-down” from our photographer.  This is the camera he used to take BabyAm’s senior pictures…and they are amazing.  So it’s pretty special.

I have gone through several Nikon tutorials, listened to some podcasts, and also have been playing with Adobe CS3, learning how to manipulate pictures a bit.   It’s pretty fun.  

Here’s a couple pictures I’ve taken. 

This first one is a “first try” on taking multiple exposure pictures.   With old film camera’s it wasn’t too tough to do this on accident especially, but with a digital camera you actually have to work at it.   I love it!


This next one is the first blooms on our Ornamental Weeping Cherry,


And here’s what it looked like the next afternoon,
it bloomed almost overnight.  


A couple days later, I noticed shortly after it rained
that there were water drops on the little flowers
and I just had to try and get a shot of them…


I did!   Oh, how I’m enjoying myself.


  1. I need to find some tutorials for mine. And a good zoom. I dig sports photography but unless I can jump in the middle of the action they are still too far away.

    Glad you’re having fun!

  2. I have a Canon digital rebel that I love. What podcasts did you listen to? I love the multiple exposure photo.

  3. Look at you….thats a pretty sweet camera there my friend, you got a good one!!
    The pictures are beautiful!
    Im so proud of you!


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