Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 14, 2009

Almost Over

Ok, this horrible Senior Project is almost over.   The kids left a few minutes ago to be a bit early (ok, alot early) for their presentations.   Belt Buckle’s is on Minimum Wage.  BabyAm’s is on Child Labor.  Both boring subjects if you ask me.  

After a very long semester of this multiple page report, powerpoint presentation, and speech…I’m so glad to see it come to an end.   It’s actually 25% of their final grade, in two subjects…and they MUST pass in order to graduate.  Nice.

Today the 9th through the 11th grades are out of school, and the Seniors present all day to a panel of 3 teachers, each with their own time slot.   I can’t wait for it to be completely over.

Professionalism is a requirement, and appropriate dress.  Here they are, just as they left.   Beautiful couple huh?


Just so you all understand…I was only allowed ONE picture by Belt Buckle…but I snapped two quickly.   I am sure we won’t see him in a suit and tie very often, so I just HAD to do it!  Thankfully they both turned out and hopefully they both get extra points for how great they look!



  1. VERY NICE!!!! They both get ‘A’ in my book, for all the hard work, late nights and putting the parental units thru the same. The suit is a very nice look. And the girl, she’s gorgeous.

  2. Oh, and the photographer gets A+

  3. They look lovely!

    I know it has probably been a pain, but it sounds like the project would have taught them something about the business world. Projects and presentations are a big part of working these days and I’m glad that somewhere they are teaching them how to do it. And the ‘dress’ requirement is HUGE to me. I’m old-fashioned that way, but so many kids now days have no clue on how to dress appropriately for work, or other events, and their parents don’t insist either, so how will they ever learn? Good job, Mom!

  4. Awwww. Yes, they are beautiful!
    I love her dress!!! So pretty and so grown up looking!!


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