Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 14, 2009

Prom Dress

Not only did the kids make it through the day, after giving their presentations (which by the way we will not know if they passed for at least a week, or more)…BUT tonight we also got one more necessary thing accomplished!

THE FINAL & ONLY PROM DRESS, has been picked out (after so many were tried on)…it has been paid for (Thanks to my wonderful Mommy-CJ, and Belly Dump—sweet of them huh?), and it has also been brought home (and hopefully hung up).  

We also got BabyAm some cute black wedges (shoes) to go with it.  (She’ll be able to wear them with Jeans too!) Now all we have left is the jewelry!   Thankfully we have a couple weeks.   Prom is May 2nd. 

Wish I could give you a sneak peek…but I can’t! – We did get it at Macy’s though, and got a super deal, seriously!  WooHooo!!!!!!  It’s an amazing dress, very flattering and very cleopatra chic.  

I however am exhausted after this evening.  I’m fighting a headache, and drinking tea…bed is next.

OH!  Before I forget, have you ever been “86’d” from a dress shop?   Well, I have, if you can believe it?!   I’m still in denial about the whole thing.  So, we went into this dress shop in the mall.   It’s all beautiful beaded Indian (India) dresses (Prom, Wedding, etc…)  Anyway, the owner of the place, after BabyAm tried on several dresses, (in his accent) basically said this to us;  “You no try on anymore dresses, you pick from what you have”…I said, “She can’t try on anymore dresses?” and he responded “No, you pick from what you have”…I don’t believe it.   That store had dresses priced from $100 up to $2000+, and  he didn’t want our money????   Ok, whatever dude.

Some people!


  1. I remember those days of looking for prom dresses or getting the tux. Enjoy each moment.


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