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Today was a day of projects.   First thing this morning while I went to borrow Belly Dump’s truck (which I absolutely love by the way), Hubby was starting on his first project:


Step 1:   Dig grass.

He dug out the grass in this spot, it doesn’t get ANY sun, but it does get water, which means…squish, squish, squish!  And he had the perfect solution!  

When I got home, the carpet cleaners had arrived (which is wonderful) and we decided to get the whole shabang…carpets, and furniture both done!   Hubby couldn’t go any further until after I got back so he had started on his next project.   Spraying weeds!


I should mention, it was a  BEAUTIFUL day!  Obviously the trees are blooming, the grass is getting greener, and spring has sprung!

Step 2:  Get Rock.

Hubby and BabyAm headed to get the little bit of rock we needed for Hubby’s project.  They returned with this:


You did read the words above “little bit” of rock we needed right?   Yah.   1/2 a yard of rock.   They claim they could not buy just a 1/4 yard…sure!   A likely story.

Step 3:  Weed Cloth.

Weed cloth, doubled.  He’s making double sure that no grass grows here any more. 


However what you really can’t see, is that his ear is to his shoulder.   He is multi-tasking!   Talking on the phone, trying to help someone with a computer problem.   He can’t help himself.

Meanwhile, inside the house, this is happening:


Well, it doesn’t look busy, but that is because I made sure not to get anyone else in the picture.   Upstairs had been finished, and most of the downstairs, so now it was time for them to start working on the furniture.

Now that I saw that the inside was under control, I had to go back and check on Hubby.  You know, see if he was really doing what he was supposed to.  Because, on the weekends…I crack my whip around here!

Step 4:  Shovel

Looks fun huh?  I don’t think it was, I heard him grunting alot.  He said it took him 4 cart loads…


I am sure that borrowing CJ’s little green bucket cart really helped Hubby with his mission.  I don’t know how he would have been able to finish in one day if he had to fill/dump his hat instead.

Step 5:  Dump and level.

I’m thinking this was the easiest part, but of course anything has got to be easier than documenting someone else working.  (he he he)


All that hard work did pay off however because the last step is the best step of all!

Step 6:  Stand back and look at the perfection!


Man he did a great job.  I have the bestest Hubby in the world!   He’s such a good helper!  

After all that hard work, he finished unloading the rock into our front rock gardens.  I can’t believe he was able to use all that rock.   Everything looks so nice!  Thanks HUNNY!

And as I sit here and type this tonight, I have to tell you how good it feels to have a clean house.   Clean carpets on my bare feet…it’s amazing!

**if you’re wondering if I did anything at all today besides take pictures, yes…I did.   Nothing worth discussing, or documenting though, I save that for the tough jobs!


  1. ** You did do something, you helped the ‘crazy parents’ cut BIG branches and drop them to the ground. Remember all the leaves and dirt, not to forget the bugs, you got down your shirt?

  2. Can you let me borrow my s-i-l for projects I’d like help with. I have a list, and the materials already.

  3. Sounds like spring has sprung at your house!


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