Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 20, 2009


How do you deal with stress?  


Do you work out?  Eat?  Drink?  Something else?

Are there different levels of stress? 

What causes you the most stress? 
Your kids, spouse, job…etc.?

I’ve just been thinking about this,
and wonder about the way others think.


  1. I’d like to say that I exercise or something productive like that. Nope. I’m either a yeller or a suffer-in-silence girl. Sorry, no help there.

    I am however starting to be a planner. When I know that stressful days are coming up I am getting better about mapping stuff out and that helps!

  2. Yes there are different levels of stress. Take for example…..
    I totally bunged up and forgot to pay the electric bill… they called to inquire if i had a problem as they were on their way out to turn us off!!! UGH!!!!! Like yes, I forgot to pay you… Had to do a quickie payment over the phone! Whew!
    Then there’s the stress of what’s for dinner? hmmmm
    My favorite as was today….
    My daughter was scared to death, at school, by an incident between a teacher and an unruly student!!!

    How do I deal….. I breathe deeply, think of the very best way to deal with the problem or fix it (my favorite) go into action. I usually start breathing once the crisis is past!!
    Walking is a good one, but it’s getting too hot to go outside.. see my twitter pic. of my cars temp gage!!!! 105!!!

    My family causes me the most stress because I do not want anything bad to happen to anyone and i worry excessively about them! yeah, i probably need therapy! lol

    I guess i stress about people and things that matter most to me.
    Does that help you any???


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