Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 27, 2009


We have a winner!  


Congrats to CJ (My Mommy)!!!!  Check out her answer in the comments of this post (30 Cents).  She’s funny!  I only wish I some wonderful prize to give her, like millions of dollars!   A wonderful prize…hummm?  Oh ya!  She’s got me!  LOLOLOL

The question:  Two coins equal 30 cents, one of them is not a nickel.  What are the two coins?

The answer:   A quarter and a nickel.

You ask:   Why Steph, when you said that one of them was not a nickel?   How can that be?  

And I say:  Because although one of them wasn’t a nickel (the quarter), the other one was!

…get your kids with this one…LOL


  1. Yeah, like I said. I feel like a real genius now. Thanks.

  2. Ah geez. lol!


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