Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 28, 2009

The Sound of Music

For the last 8 out of 10 years (approx) Hubby and I have listened to the police scanner at night.   Well, lately we have changed our pace a bit, we have either chosen silence, or some relaxing music.   I choose the same music all the time, so I have to let him choose once in awhile.  

Last night I made a mistake.   Have any of you ever done that?

Hubby said “what do you wanna listen to”…and my response?  “Anything”.    What was I thinking? 

I know!  Something like Enya, Chris Botti, John Rich…something relaxing. 

This is the song he put on (the video is kinda funny too though)…he was waiting, just waiting…for me to pop a vein.  (which I finally did, after I heard what it was) 

“Um, can we try something else?”  Ok, no veins were popped in the process of going to bed, but can you imagine, that is just what a loving wife wants to hear as she’s closing her eyes for the night…HELLO!  I think NOT! 

someone, please….help me….(lol)


  1. Holy cow…what is wrong with our man!?!
    Im with you on this on darlin!

  2. LOL
    Yep! That is what my hubby would do as well!
    The things they do just to see what we will do!!!


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