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Ok, so my sweet friend at The Adventures of the Headless Family tagged me today for a 6×6 meme. 

I am supposed to go to the  6th folder of my pictures and pick out the 6th picture…and write about it.   I had to go a tad bit deeper to get a picture, I went to the 6th folder, then the 6th folder again, and finally to the 6th picture.  I figured that was ok.

I was so excited when THIS was the picture! 
These are my BED BUGS!  

bedbugs small

Cute huh?  Humphrey Bogart on the left, Tommy Lee on the right.  This picture was taken in January 2007, so they were just a couple months old.    They sleep with us every.single.night. and have since the day we brought them home.   Usually they sleep so close to me, I can hardly move, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I wish I could have 10 more just like them.  Seriously.   However we already upgraded our bed from a queen to a king.   These two little boys honestly believe they are people.   Sometimes I think they are as well.  

The rules:
1) Go to your photo files
2) Pick the sixth folder (open)
3) Pick the 6th photo
4) Write a story about the photo
5) Tag six people (don’t forget to tell them that they have been tagged!  🙂

Right now I can only think of a couple friends that I can tag…who haven’t been yet, and/or who might be able to play!

Leslie @ Got Kids Need Valium
Carol Anne @ Soapboxville

Additionally if you’re still visiting me here and haven’t been tagged, please tag yourself!  Don’t forget to leave me a note so I can come visit!  🙂


  1. Ohhhh! What a cute picture of them. Under the covers and everything. lol~~ See, my Corona does this too. Only he is so stuck up and thinks he’s human, he actually gets on my PILLOW! Yes, and I wake up and have to either throw him off, or move his butt off my pillow. I have boundaries ya know! haha! Love this tag. I need to blog today. So great idea, will work on it now. Cool, love ya!

  2. Thanks for playing! They are cute!!!

  3. I was tagged too! I love the picture of your dogs. I’m the one with the new puppy Skye. All of our dogs slept with us. Our new puppy is in a kennel at night, that was how I was going to potty train her. Now I want her in bed with us and my husband say “No”, I just don’t know what to do, or maybe I do. ( The next time he travels I’ll have to try it.)

  4. My actual computer (I’m on my laptop) died a horrible death from a spamware virus (whatever my hubby is paying the fine folks at Nod it’s too much).

    I still want to do this I just can’t get to my photos yet. Can I play later this month?


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