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No Facebook?

So…for my Non-Facebook friends…

In June 0n the 11th, Hubby and I had our 10 year anniversary.  We wanted to wait until all the teenagers were out of school to renew our vows so that we could make sure everyone who wanted to come, could—which meant late June.   So we had to pick a “neutral” date as best we could…so our decision was the 11th of July.   A month later.  It was a also a Saturday which helped immensely.

We decided on a Luau (Catered)…and we had a few surprises up our sleeve.   I could go on and on about that day, but right now I just want to share a couple (lol) pictures. 


The Dark Knight got to come…sort-of!  LOL 
We missed him so much (even though he was here a week prior)
that we had to “create” his presence. 


My parents had hand made “REAL” lei’s made for us…they were amazing!


Though they weren’t able to attend the ceremony…
Humphrey and Tommy were dressed for the occasion too!


ELVIS showed up to marry us!!!!  We wanted to renew our vows in Vegas, with Elvis…
but we also wanted everyone else to be there too…SURPRISE! 

Viva Las Vegas!
The best of both worlds!   He rocked!


Those are the faces of “10 wonderful years”…and still strong!


The food was TO DIE FOR…seriously!


No one knew about this beautiful hat but ME!   Seeing everyones face…priceless!


If we would have had a contest…(we should have)
My sister-in-law would have won…HANDS DOWN!!!
Look at her go!


Very few left without a special Photo Op…or in some cases…
The opportunity to try new things…(I’m tellin ya, the Hat was a Hit!)


He’s cute huh?

Would you believe that between Freckles, and BabyAm…they took over 700 pictures of the day.  Oh, sorry…that was on just ONE of the cameras…wow.  It was quite the chore to weed through them…but they did so good at capturing details that could have otherwise gone un-noticed…












And then when it was all said and done…we were dead dog tired.  


That’s me…and Tommy Lee…taking a much needed break.

Wonderful day!  Wonderful party!  Wonderful friends and family! 
Wonderful 10 years!


  1. Congratulations. Looks like a fun party!

  2. That seriously rocks! (No wonder you couldn’t make it to CO that week!)

  3. Awesome! Congratulations~~~~ Looks like you guys had a great time. Would love to have been there! Love your hat, hahaha! 🙂 🙂 hope you are doing well. Miss you!

  4. Nice to see you blogging again. Thanks for keeping our names and identities safe in the pictures – lol!

    Bake from a very very relaxing time at the cabin. Off to work to catch up on things missed. Will call later today or tomorrow morning.

    Missed you!


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