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Poster Child #2

Poster Child Post #1 can be found Here…are you all caught up?  Good!  Let’s get this party started!

Out of 72 Entries, and the 60 that were actually eligible…I was a WINNER!   (and 10 people nominated me–yes 10!)  I told you that there were no other Mothers out there quite as pathetic as I am.   Ok, well a couple because they won too!   (Thanks Lisa and Tara!)

I had a small issue though.  I needed to take a friend.   I love all my friends here in town, but most of them have smaller children, or they aren’t big into bar-hopping or hanging with people they don’t know…so I struggled.  I didn’t want to make any of my friends feel uncomfortable…so I decided to ask a total stranger instead!

Seriously, I don’t make a habit of things like this however, I was sure that my very first bloggy friend would have a blast going with me.   If we could only get her here!   After many emails and phone calls…it actually happened!   Headless Mom was coming to “Cut the Cord” with me!  I can’t tell you how exciting this was for me!   Her family was so gracious in letting and helping her come!

Impatiently waiting for H.M at the airport…

waiting small

Rather than give you the play-by-play I’ll just share pictures!  (Though the pictures may portray another story, the truth is we did NOT get drunk…it’s called “pacing yourselves” for the young ones who haven’t learned those words yet…LOL…right HM?)

We be chillin…

Headless Legs small

Our Pre-limo Cocktail…

Headless Drinks Small

New “IRL” Headless Friends…

Headless Friends Small

The Limo Arrives…

Limo Small

Champaign all around…

Headless Kate

Headless Arrival at dinner…

Headless Group Smokey Small

During dinner cocktail…

Headless dinner

One of us is drinking water…it wasn’t me!

headless hannahs

Ummm…Watermelon Shots – Too bad they weren’t ours though!
They were just pretty!

Watermelon Small

Copper Camels…you’re so smoooooooooth!


Pick your poison…which one is mine?

Cheers 2 Small

Washington Apple Shots…Nasty!!
Headless Mom secretly passed her’s to the table behind us.
She was SMART!  YUCK!

Washington Apples

Seriously 3 more bottles of Champagne?

More Champagne Small

OMG, we are soooo old…don’t these girls have mothers?
Or better yet mirrors?

headless youngsters

We better toast to “maturity”…

Cheers Small

 Headless dancing…yeah, that’s some maturity for ya!

Headless Dancing Small

Are we too old for this?

Headless Dancing 2 small

Too bad Kelly couldn’t come too…
let’s send her a late night email!
Cuz the “toes” knows!

Toes for Kelly Small

The night is almost over, last bar stop =WATER!

Water small

A great big thank you to my friends and family that nominated me.   And to Headless Mom, many big thank you’s and hugs for being completely Spontaneous (this is how I became the Poster Child and a “Murderer”…please go read her post it’s a riot) and coming to share in an evening of fun with me! 

You are an amazing friend!  I miss you already!


  1. HD has to read your play by play. Way better than mine.

    You are so funny with the headless pictures! Seriously, folks, these were not all headless to start with. Lots of editing, here.

    I, too, had a blast. Has it already been a week? We’ll have to do it again!


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