Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 18, 2009

My New Crack

Last week while my Mother-in-Law was here (The Penguins)…she introduced me to a new “just as addicting” form of CRACK, that you actually chew instead of snort, smoke, or whatever

…and it can be purchased at Costco no-less!


Thanks Mom for twisting my arm, putting them in our cart and forcing me to buy them, LOL – Just kidding…but really, did you have to mention them to begin with?  Or at least taken them home with YOU instead of leaving them here with me, I have NO will power!


  1. I have several addictions from Costco. I love the Lemon Straws from The Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory. They are in the cookie isle. (You know I had to sing m-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i in order to type it)
    Enjoy your almonds.


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