Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 18, 2009

New Vocabulary

In our house we are starting to learn some new words.   Well, we do know the words, but we didn’t realize the new definitions over the past years.

Sisterhood 7pm = Now Means:  Meet in pre arranged location, head to another location via Carpool…and HANG OUT!   For instance Sisterhood #1 – Watch Dirty Dancing as a tribute to Patrick Swayze with 16+ other girls while being packed into a small living room of a Duplex.  FUN!!!!!


BSU Football Social 6pm = Now means:  Meet at pre arranged location, head to Frat house via Carpool to meet with a another Frat House, and another Sorority (4 groups total) to watch BSU (Kick some serious Booty) Football game together.    In my day (though I wasn’t a Sorority Sister) that meant FRAT PARTY 6pm BYOB!  Wonderful.


I am sure we’ll be adding to this list, but for now we’ll just dwell on this second one, and see what pictures BabyAm comes home with after the game tonight.   I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.   This should be an interesting evening eh?  

I’m still thinkin I like “Sisterhood” nights better.  LOL


  1. Sisterhood=sisterhood building event.
    Social=getting to hang with boys.

    Didn’t she go to dances in HS? Football games? Have sleep overs?

    Cut the cord! 😉


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