Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | September 24, 2009

Haven’t we all been there?

…A rant from a wife and mom on the edge…

Alright my friends, we have a first here.  An anonymous post.  Sometimes we need to vent and get things off our chest so that we can help to heal.   I know I have felt the need to vent, and even some of the things that our fellow blogger buddy below has felt.   This is an older post for her, she just wasn’t ready to share it until now.   Please feel free to leave her comments, and lots of encouragement too.

I’ve had it so far that I’m writing and posting about this.  It’s not often that I rant about my life but I’m done. Today? I’m done.

I am so tired of doing this parenting-taking care of the house-cleaning-chores-paying the bills-stuff by myself. I have been at the school 3 of 4 days this week, planned all of the meals (save for one because WE WERE GONE FROM 3:45 UNTIL 8PM, dammit), done laundry, bathed the children, done homework with them, and gotten them to bed all by myself. You? On the couch. Going golfing? Oh, and call me with a phone number that I need?

No. No to all of it. I’m done this week.

I’m tired of budgeting. I’m tired of sweating when the bills are coming due and wondering where the money is coming from. I’m tired of doing all of the things that we used to share that now fall on my plate. You sit on the damn couch, watching the flipping golf channel or watching some stupid reality show. You leave trash all over the counters and argue with me why I put things away ‘where they don’t belong’. Um, doesn’t trash belong in the trash? Pot, meet kettle.

I’m tired of being the bad guy when it comes to chores and homework and food. The holiday weekend? A movie and 36 holes of golf for you and the boys. Me? Laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping. You asked what I was doing? Yea, taking care of all the stuff that HAS to be done but never getting to the stuff I want to do.

I know you work hard. But so do I and there is a ton of stuff around here that needs attention that I can’t do by myself. Changing out plugs and light switches? I’d electrocute myself. Ask you to do it and I’m still waiting-6 years later.

The new chore lists for the kids are a help to some degree but most of it I either have to tell them to do (yes including the 18yo. that I’m certain knows how to read) or teach them, which, if you haven’t noticed, takes more time than doing it myself. I think that this is why the oldest is getting on my last nerve-we’ve never required anything of her and she’s getting really good at delivering up to those expectations.

As our son is so fond of saying "I’m tired of it."

Just so tired of it.

Friends if you need to get something off your chest anonymously please let me know – I’m happy to let you vent here.


  1. I think we have all been there and felt that and still do at times. I know I can relate.

  2. So very very true! it’s hard to be the one that’s doing all tine “inside the house” stuff while “Someone” comes home and goes directly to the bed to lay down.

    I could have wrote this post all but the bill paying part, I leave that to him, and bury my head.


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