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Some secrets are so hard to keep!

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon.  I won’t however be publishing it until after Wednesday evening.   (Ok, I’m slow it’s Friday now and some of this reads in the past, and some of it reads like it’s just now happening.   sorry, I don’t have it in me to make sure it’s all one way or the other.  LOL – Lazy!)

A few weeks ago we were all so very excited to receive an email from The Dark Knight’s mom, inviting us to dinner at their house on the night of the 23rd (in Seattle) to celebrate his, dare I say, 18th birthday dinner with them and several other special guests that have been a part of his life; that he is not expecting either.   We couldn’t wait to get our plans in order! 

I must tell you that, we originally didn’t want to tell anyone we were coming…my husbands side of the family because this is such a whirlwind trip (and was it ever!) that we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not being able to stop and see them.   However, we knew we needed to tell them (it would be rude if we didn’t)…and we sure are going to do what we can to at least have a cup of coffee while we’re there. (Remind me to tell you about the $70 buffet breakfast we had while there with Hubby’s Sis)

If BabyAm didn’t have college classes we were working around, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there is just no way to make this work during the week without her missing some classes and other activities (Reminder number two—where we went while in Seattle that relates to school and activities).   College just stinks all the way around.   It’s getting in the way of lots of fun with the family…LOL.  Just kidding.

So here we are on the road to Seattle.   Oregon farm country at this moment, which is like being no-where to be honest.   Just sagebrush, little foothills and hay fields.   Ooooh, so much fun.

Quick stop at the scenic overlook!



I told you they had a bunch of hayfields-then I saw this!  I wasn’t lying!


Hubby’s such a cutie! 


Oh my gosh you would not believe the black cows!   Millions of them!  I wish I could have gotten a picture of them…  I didn’t have any idea that cows could be so racist.   There are only a VERY FEW brown cows in the mix.  And it was so sad, we just past a fence with about 9 black ones just standing next to each other staring out like they wanted/needed to be adopted.  Heartbreaking.

Here’s an interesting piece of information; we just past the 45th parallel – halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.  Just outside of North Powder Oregon, on I84. – (However in my research for a nice little link about it, some say it is actually not 1/2 way between them…and it does make sense, I’m not sure who explains it better though.)

Listening to SIRIUS Radio – “80’s on 8” – lots of one hit wonders!   ‘Til Tuesday (Voices Carry)…oh and now we are blessed with Rick Springfield…sing it with me! 

I’!…You’!  I’!…You’!

Only 45 more miles until we stop for dinner, then we’ll be about 1/2 way.   We are going to eat at a favorite of my Penguin In-Laws called something like Miss Patti’s.  


Guess they make their own potato chips and they come out nice and hot with your meal.   Sounds yummy huh?   (we didn’t see anything on the menu about chips, maybe it was because it was dinner time?)

miss pattis menuIt must have been an off night for them…because my personal favorite out of everything (service, salad-bar, presentation, taste etc.) was the coffee.  Seriously, I got a to-go cup it was that.good.

We also took a quick stop for a photo-op of another favorite of my Penguin Mom-In-Law…MOST every time they come to see us they stop here to see if she can find any wonderful bargains.  The Pendleton Woolen Mill.

DSC_4597DSC_4596 DSC_4598DSC_4600

And BabyAm captured a beautiful picture of the sun setting as we were leaving.


Ok, gotta tell ya all something kind of funny.   Hubby insisted we get a new bug deflector for the car before our trip.  I can tell you right now that though I am sure it is working…it’s not working perfectly because, the biggest baddest full of gushy goo bugs have hit our windshield…more than once.  GROSS!

Example 1  bugs 2

Example 2 bugs 1

…and all my instincts they return, the grand facade so soon will burn, without a noise without my pride I reach out from the inside…in your eyes, the light the heat, (your eyes) I am complete… Peter Gabriel (In Your Eyes)

While I’m busy typing away, Hubby is driving, and BabyAm…she’s nesting in the backseat with her Romance Novel…trying to ignore the “name that tune” game that is going on in the front seat.   She’s precious isn’t she?

babyam reading

Elevation 4193 Blue Mountain Summit!!!  Pretty!  Too bad the mountains really don’t look blue.  But it’s so beautiful.

I must confess, though this is going to be a wonderful (but quick trip) one of the of the hardest things about is…I had to leave my darling little 4-legged boys.  They needed a short trip to see if they could handle being away from all of us (yah, right…more like us away from them, but seriously they haven’t been without all of us EVER, in 3 years) so we asked around and found somewhere where we think they’ll be happy.   They can have their own bedding, their own toys, personal playtime (one on one)…a thing called a bizzie bone that is a special mixture of treats frozen inside a kong…and it’s about an 8 x 8 room, with a little toddler bed in the room…well you can just see for yourself.  It’s called the BSU Suite!

Dogs BSU Suite

Spoiled huh?  OMGosh I know.  Please don’t hate me because I’m an over the top momma.  I can’t help myself.  I know I’ll be bawling by nights end.  But I’m not going to tell anyone about that. 

Now that you’ve gotten the first part of the trip…I’ll get the second half finished up for you.  It’s the best part!   Please come back!


  1. Til Tuesday is one of my favorite all time bands-I know every song on their album.

    I’d challenge you to an 80’s music duel any day!

    Do they have fab stuff at the outlet? I love wool stuff but cannot buy it anymore seeing as I live in the land of the hot now. I hardly wear anything warm anymore!

    Can’t wait to hear about the rest!


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