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Surprise! It’s Party Time!

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Impatiently Waiting – Part 2

Now it’s party time!    We made it into the counseling office just in time.   The Dark Knight had been called out of his class by both the counseling office and the attendance office.   And when he walked in he was completely in shock (happy shock though) and the only words he could say were “Um, does my mom know you’re here?” and he gave big hugs to all of us.    Way cool!!!!

DSC_4799 What a cutie huh?   Hard to believe he turned 18 on last Sunday.   He’s a great young man, we are so proud of him.

We took him for a quick lunch then back for a meeting he had, and when he finally was done with school stuff we loaded him and Sailor Girl in the car and headed off to see her horse, Beauty.  (I have tons more pictures from the stables but I know I need to save space for the party!)

DSC_4827 We stopped at the store, grabbed some much needed supplies for the b-day dinner, several containers of ice-cream!  YUM!

Their home is beautiful and nested down in sort of a gorge type area.  Lots of trees surrounding it.

DSC_4843DSC_4845DSC_4846DSC_4851     DSC_4849 DSC_4850 Ah…berries, I’m thinking blackberries…don’t they look yummy???  I had been complaining about wanting to stop to pick some, all the way from the store to the house, because the bushes were everywhere…and they kept telling me that there weren’t any…LIARS!   These however were JUST BARELY out of my reach in the back yard! *sigh*

Time to head in.   Time for Hubby to see The Dark Knight’s Mom for the first time in 7 years.  Not just see her, but spend the evening with her and a bunch of people from their years together.    A little un-nerving, to say the least, for all of us.

DSC_4842We were warmly welcomed in and got the teenager tour (quick).  This room we were particularly interested in, because it was nothing like we’d ever seen.  WOW!   BabyAm will get a bit more grace I’m sure from now on from Dad.  LOL – Can you imagine?  And the rest of the house looked just the opposite! 

DSC_4856 DSC_4855Scary!  Be careful, you could get lost (or eaten alive) in there!

I’m just going to post some party pictures, it’s so hard for me to tell you who all these people are and how they fit in to The Dark Knight’s life.   Everyone was very nice, very accommodating and fun to visit with.

I know he’s sittin here thinkin…let’s just ease into this evening.   My parents are all here, friends and family are starting to arrive and I need to just “chill” for a bit.DSC_4831  Colorful pens and paper set out to write “words of wisdom” on for The Dark Knight.


Does she look like she’s got some serious words of wisdom, or what?

DSC_4832Yep, The Dark Knight thinks “Or what”!  LOL


DSC_4884 DSC_4854 DSC_4862 DSC_4864DSC_4881 DSC_4882 DSC_4883 DSC_4889 DSC_4904 DSC_4925 DSC_4929 DSC_4932 DSC_4936 DSC_4941

Happy 18th Birthday Dark Knight!!!!! DSC_4943DSC_4945 DSC_4983

I kinda look like I have the “bossy cow” look goin on.
I wonder what I was talkin about…DSC_5000 I can however say, that when someone cooks for me,
my instinct (Thanks Mom) is to help clean up!

  Guess this next one could be considered helping clean up too?
In her defense…those were the best mashed baked potatoes I’ve ever had!

DSC_5003  DSC_5013DSC_5011This is the shield that The Dark Knight asked for on his birthday list that we got him.  It is  custom made funky thing.   It’s strange to us…BUT he was jacked!   We made him promise to show us his progress on it.  It’s basically a blank canvas (obviously) and he has already designed his crests.   DSC_5023

This last one is one for the scrapbook! 
None of us ever thought we would see this picture! 
It really is a great one!

Wish we could have gotten a picture of the 6 of us!
Maybe at Graduation!DSC_4871

Just so you know, I have one more post left of this trip…its on our way home.   We made a special stop and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Don’t forget to come back.


  1. Aaaaw. Happy surprise, DK! Looks like the party was a smashing success! I know that it meant a lot to him that you were there.

    More? My guess is you stopped at another cemetery.

  2. Happy Birthday to the DK! what a great gift


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