Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

How is it that a pharmacy can charge you $47 for a RX, but another only $6.   Can you say scam?   And the first one has the WORST customer service possible.   Yes, I transferred my RX.

How can I do so much during the day, and still not get anything actually cleaned?   I’ve accomplished tons the past couple days…but have nothing to show for it.  How does that work?

Do you wonder if Organizational Professionals…you know the ones that come to your house and get you organized…do you wonder if their houses are organized or if they are so sick of organization that their house is a pit-hole?  

Why do I feel the urge to start Christmas Shopping?  It is not my favorite holiday and our Halloween Decorations are not even out yet (which IS my favorite holiday)…maybe it’s that so many stores have both Halloween and Christmas stuff out already.   I don’t understand.

Both my mom’s read here…so they’ll probably wonder (and the rest of the family too) why I’m saying this next random thought.  (I however don’t really have a reason, but I think about it a lot when making choices/decisions)  Why is it, that no matter how old we are, we find ourselves trying to please our parents…or wondering what will they think about this/that decision of mine, will they hate me, will they not talk to me again, will they be proud of me, will they approve, what will they say?   I’m almost 40 (oh dear heaven) so why do I need to worry?  I don’t know, but I do.  Do you?


  1. Yep. I got a call today from my mom about what I posted yesterday…I forgot to call her first! I got a mild tongue-lashing, but you bet your butt I won’t forget to call again!

  2. I so don’t talk to my mom about my blog, she’s not reading for the same thing.

  3. For the exact same reason that I did. I love my Mom !!!!! I swore I’d never be like her………but I thank God everyday that I am. She was and is the best.

  4. In some ways I think we call can relate to your post.


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