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Out of the way!

I have to tell you that BabyAm is doing a great job at getting the driving issues out of the way quickly!   I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  But at any rate, she is definitely her mothers daughter.  No doubt about it.

In my many many years of driving, I feel like I’ve had it all happen to me.   From flat tires, speeding tickets, heater cores going out all the way to other things like dropping a drive line in the middle of the road and rear-ending a lady who was on her way to a funeral (she was driving a Cadillac) and we can’t forget locking the keys in a running car, in my driveway, that I was test driving. *sigh*

So, I must give a little grace to the little girl.  Don’t  you think?  OH how hard it is though.  She’s been driving for 7 weeks! 

First, she was in a little fender/bender (literally) in the college parking lot.  couldn’t really tell who’s fault it was…and this guy also had the same insurance we do…which would just slam us…so he and Hubby shook on it, and it was over.  Hubby did what he could for the car, and it doesn’t look too bad.  It could look way way way worse!

Fast forward to yesterday.  She went to breakfast with a Sorority Sister, when she arrived, she locked and shut the doors.   Good girl!!!!!   When she came out after breakfast she saw that she had left her keys in the ignition…and they were locked inside the car…oops!


Then she called me because she didn’t have her AAA card with her…since she wasn’t buying she left her purse in the car.   You see her AAA card was in her wallet, that was in her purse, that was now locked inside her car, along with her keys.   (That reminds me, I need to tell her about BooMama and her purses that have been stolen out of her car…purse S!   Ladies don’t leave your purse in the car, I need to be more mindful of that myself.)

Anyway, last night, I was visiting with Hubby and told him that these things usually come in 3’s and that I was now just waiting for a ticket.   Now I quickly knocked on wood…and giggled because she thankfully drives pretty slow and seems to be careful.   I reminded myself that she is not me.  Thank goodness, poor kid!

Today…I had to go by her old High School because the college never received her final transcript.  I then hand delivered it to the college.  BabyAm was in between classes so I took her to lunch and we discussed “lights on when it’s raining” and I told her that yes you should have them on; BUT that she needs to make sure and turn them off.  She said that she did, but me talking about it made her 2nd guess herself.   I took her back to class.   Do you see where this is going? 

I got the call an hour later.   I couldn’t call AAA again. I just couldn’t do it.  I know that is what we pay for, but…I still have SOME pride.  LOL   Mind you, Hubby is out of town, and won’t be home until midnight tonight…(so the lucky guy missed both little “accidents”).

BabyAm wasted no time in heading to the campus library, she had things to do before her night class (that’s why she was coming home)…so I didn’t want to have her come all the way back down to help me, unless I really needed her. Then it hit me…I had just hung up with Belly Dump (my dad) and realized that he was out and about, so I called and asked him if he wanted to come down and help a “grand-daughter” out this time…he said yes.  

While waiting…I decided to try and jump the car myself.   I seriously could not believe that I was going to do this.  I pulled into the parking lot and luckily there was space on both sides of the car.  

I unlocked the car with the spare key that I found yesterday afternoon (after the AAA locksmith got us outta the jam in the morning), and got out the jumper cables (from the trunk).   jumper_cables

Then I went to work on my project.  I looked like a woman on a mission.  I got some seriously strange looks from students, probably professors and also from people I couldn’t tell which they were.  No one of course offered to help though.  BUT, that’s ok!  I did it myself!!!  All by myself!   *pat, pat*

So, she gets outta class again in less than an hour.  I’m hoping that she doesn’t have to call me to come back.  I let it run for quite awhile, so I think I’m ok.

Please please please don’t think I’m down on BabyAm…I am not.  She makes me laugh.   She’s learning so much about life, in just these past 7 weeks…all of it has really been a blessing in disguise.

I’d love to hear your driving stories!   BabyAm probably would at this point too!


  1. It takes a GREAT woman to handle all of this and still have a smile on her face!!

    Love you!

  2. She didn’t drive with the e-brake on and have to get the transmission replaced. Nope, HG did that gem all on her own, and the guys at the repair shop won’t let her forget it either! I also bet that she hasn’t parked in a handicapped spot either?!

  3. Let me just say “I’m in the garage” your were “I’m in the garage” LOL

  4. oops!!! and ooopsand oopps and well I think she’s going to remember all these things quicker.


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