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Work with what you have…

What a great Saturday today was for me!  (even though its after midnight, and now Sunday) I love days that just make me happy all the way around!

All morning long we slaved (ok Hubby slaved and I supervised) over the yard decorations.   We added to our collection, didn’t use a few things we normally use, and decided to think about some other things we just didn’t feel right about.   We also shook it up a bit and are trying something new.   Hint:  A shovel is part of it.  LOL

I took a few pictures today but we might need to add a few more finishing touches tomorrow.  So sadly I’m going to wait to post those.  

As for tonight, it was a blast!  I probably had more fun tonight than I have had in years going out with friends (ok, well maybe not more fun, but different fun—SCARY fun!)    *Our friends need names…I’ll get back to you with those*  We started off with dinner, we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries!   Yum!   Oh, and the Cajun fries are to die for!

I printed off a handful of different haunted house info sheets, (times/where/cost etc.) and brought them with us to dinner so we could choose what we wanted to do.  We all decided on a Haunted House that you had to sign a waiver to get into.  Too funny!   Of course if you have to sign a waiver; it must be good, right?   It was in a paintball building…and yes it was good.  It was fun!   And when we were done, we realized it was still WAY TO EARLY to go home…so we headed out to the country for more screaming excitement!

I have been learning that sometimes you have to work with what you have.  In this instance, I only had Hubby’s Camera Phone to work with.   Not the most clear, nor the most pretty…but something none-the-less.

field of screams pic

Corn Maze + Haunted House = Field of Screams

And that it was.   I am sure that you all heard me screaming at the top of my lungs tonight from so very far away…Canada, California, Colorado, the Moon.   Yes it was me, and I’m already paying dearly for it.   My throat is killing me.   Figures!  Nothing fun comes without a price.

Nothing like having a creepy school bus inside the corn maze, with fog coming out of it, and as you walk by it the door opens, and the bus driver scares the crap right out of you…and then when you are trying to run past the front of the bus he turns on his lights and honks the horn at you…OH. MY. GOSH. DID. I. JUST. WET. MY. PANTS?  LOL

Here is a picture of Hubby and I, just before the regular corn maze (not haunted).  

ma and pa kettle

We learned about pigs…How many toes do pigs have?    Are pigs used for any type of medicines?  Interesting stuff I tell you!

And our sweet friends that were kind enough to hang with us for the evening.   I think next time they’ll want to go somewhere quiet…or they’ll bring ear plugs.  

kettle neighbors

I need to get myself to bed.  BabyAm is still up studying.  Hubby and Humphrey Bogart are in bed snoring, and me and Tommy Lee are in the recliner (blogging) with a little bit of a headache, tired feet and droopy eyes.  

Thanks everyone for a lovely day!!!


  1. Sounds like you had tons of fun. Can’t wait for pictures of the house. Plan to blog today about my exciting evening. Check back later for the details.

  2. Glad you had fun!

  3. what fun!!!


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