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Headstone Hunting…

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Friday (October 9th) was a pretty fun day, hangin with my Mom.  We went headstone hunting.  She’s a genealogist and also takes pictures of headstones for others that have requested them; most of which are genealogists or family members in other states.   (Find-A-Grave)  Mom had the day off, so that was exactly what we did…

In addition to headstones, I took (all but one of) these pictures, they are just beautiful and peaceful.  They are pictures from a couple different cemeteries.  

DSC_5276 The one above is the edge of a cemetery above this pasture of cows.  It is said to be a haunted cemetery.  Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the cemetery itself, but found this one on the web, too bad it’s being taken from a car.  The actual cemetery is, however, ONLY really as big as you can see in the picture below.

joplin Cemetery

We also hit a much much larger cemetery.  I love this one, it’s just so peaceful and serene.   It’s one of those places you just want to take a book, relax under a tree and possibly read out loud, because you know that everyone will be listening intently.   They have all been alone for so long…


Alright back to the actual thrill of visiting cemeteries; there is a freaky picture I took, but I don’t want to post it, or share the story with you all just yet.  I actually am doing something (totally out of character for me) with it.  I’ll keep you posted as the details change.

But here’s one headstone that caught my eye.  Touches my heart I think; a little extra than they normally do.


Right smack dab in the middle of a fairly new area of the cemetery was this old round wooden headstone, with just a little plaque on it.  No writing that you could see any longer, just a lonely looking marker.

We also asked the Sexton a few questions about the Mausoleum that is on the grounds.   Questions like; Why would someone choose a Mausoleum instead of a regular ground burial?   She told us that it was something only the very wealthy could afford to purchase back then.   It was a sign of prestige; being buried in marble above ground, rather than in “turf”, underground.  Interesting information.  Then, she handed us the key.   Have you ever been inside of a Mausoleum before?  We had not.   It’s just beautiful.   



DSC_5305 cropped

DSC_5301 brightened   DSC_5303 cropped


DSC_5307 fixed

Amazing isn’t it?   It is chilly inside, but not a scary chilly.  It was so peaceful.  And even though I could see only myself and my mom…neither of us felt alone.   We talked about how it might be possible that all those people came out at night, and just danced…it’s such a beautiful place why not enjoy it?  I hope they actually ARE dancing!

The plots were sold out in 1931, 11 years after they built it.  Even though there are no plots left for purchase there are still a few that are still empty.  


  1. Gah! What have I been thinking? I have relatives that live(d) in your area. I should send you their names and see if you can find them on your outings!


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