Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | October 26, 2009

Not Good…

My husband sent me this picture today, via email.  

His subject line read:  “What’s wrong with this picture?”  And attached THIS.

007 Night in the Honda

Mind you, it was “007 Night” with the AXiD Girls.   I’m not sure exactly what they did other than go downtown, all dressed in black and play some –possibly more adult –version (if there is such a thing) of Hide ‘n’ Seek.  

We count 8.  But there could be others.  I’m sure you can tell who’s driving?!?  OMG.

I must admit however; I did know (sort of) because BabyAm was telling me about the evening; that at one time during the evening “we had the car piled full of girls”…and I told her in no uncertain terms “do not not tell me any more, just know that it is illegal and NEVER do it again.”   She understood (I’m sure by the tone of my voice) and vowed that would be the last time.

She has Facebook to thank for the above picture (she did NOT post it).  Now Dad has seen it.  Thankfully, I used one of my “Get out of Jail – FREE” cards with him today, since I knew and just accidentally on purpose forgot to tell him about any of it.  I understood the little chit-chat he had with me, and vowed that would be the last time.

Facebook knows when you are sleeping,
it knows when you’re awake,
it knows if you’ve been bad or good…


  1. Uh oh.

    Hey Am! Change your privacy settings, silly girl! 😉 There is a statute of limitations on that stuff and you can share details later….like a few years after you graduate!

  2. How many times do we need to tell them? I hope she heard you!

  3. Had a similar issue with B.J. I put the fear of _____ into him and his friend Kevin. Regarding limits on how many are in a car etc…. Happened just a few weeks ago.

    if I did not tell you about it I will


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