Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | November 29, 2009

Food, Inc.

Saturday evening, we were trying to decide what to watch (on our Apple TV).  Hubby came across a documentary called Food, Inc. and then decided to watch the trailer.  I didn’t even get 1/2 way through the trailer and I said “I’ll watch it!  Download it!”  BabyAm agreed as well, but was skeptical yet interested.

It took us almost 3 hours to watch this 1.5 hour video.  Why?  Because so many good points were made which needed to be discussed, and additionally listened to over and over again, to drive home each of the points.


One of the filmmakers said in an interview that they tried to take a lot of the GRIM out of the show because they didn’t want anyone to have to sit there with their eyes closed.  I needed to look away a couple times. 

The whole thing was a complete eye opener. 

Do I recommend this movie?  Absolutely.  
Do you want to watch it?  I doubt it.  
Should you watch it?  Without a doubt. 

I can bet you that you will shake your head through most of it, saying to yourself “I had NO idea…”.

So, we discussed as a family, that it was not only time to change our eating habits but we also need to work on converting our intake of healthier foods to include more naturally made/grown/processed foods.  We not only need to know what is in the foods we eat, but where it is coming from as well.

This process is going to take us on a wild ride I’m sure!


  1. Tag, you’re it!

  2. I really want to see it but I live in China and it doesn’t seem to be available here. Of course, I guess living in China means there aren’t a lot of locally grown organic foods available. I’m just crossing my fingers for health until it’s time to hop on a plane outta here.


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