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The Great Shopping Experience

So, while I was typing up the previous post (Food, Inc.), Hubby asked what we were going to do about all the food we had in the refrigerator.   I knew what that meant.  All the “yummy”, and “bad for you” food was headed to the trash can.   Bummer.

We did our best to get rid of the REALLY bad stuff; while discussing that we needed to finish off some of the things we had (ie. the big tub of I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter)before moving on to a better alternative.  We all agree that this has to be a process, not an immediate necessity. 

Would you believe he then suggested we go shopping?   UGGG.  We hit the Wal*art first, deciding to check to see if what was inferred in the movie about them trying to carry more “organic” foods.   Quickly we realized that there wasn’t much to choose from.   Which lead us to our local Co-Op.  I have a love/hate relationship with this store but that whole ordeal was in a previous post.   We found some things that were a bit more expensive than where we just were…but the selection is so much more abundant.  We decided to pick up some things that we knew we would eat, as a beginning.   Apples (Honey Crisps and Fugi), a Cantaloupe, Kiwi fruit etc.

Please forgive me…I am coming back to this post after several weeks.  Things have been quite busy around here, and with Christmas drawing near, they are still busy.   I want to let you all know that there has been such a wonderful change in our eating habits that it’s almost too much to go back and try to document.   I do want you all to see the fun we’ve had along the way.

Our trip to the Co-op, yielded mostly fruit, veggies and Milk, YUMMY MILK!  In glass bottles!  How fun!  (Oh, and a couple lattes!)

Cloverleaf Dairy

We hit another store Fred Meyer that night, but didn’t pick up much.   HOWEVER, a couple days later we did get some shopping done (this is a pic).  They have a great selection of Organic/Natural products to choose from.

Organic Fred Meyer

We then the following day decided we need a few things from Costco.   The amazing amount of Organic and Naturally processed things at Costco really amazed us.  In addition to purchasing some, I also wrote notes about what else they had that we did not purchase.

Organic Costco

With that, we also needed to clean out the pantry (which, just like we did the fridge).   What a disaster!  I didn’t get a picture before but here is one during.  What a mess…I had stuff strung out all over the kitchen!


Just so you know, no food went to waste.   YAY!
It actually went to TWO different houses who were happy to have it. 

And then here’s a couple after pictures!



It’s lookin SO good!  
I know not everything is organic/Natural…
But it’s a process. 

Last but not least, we found a wonderful local farm that raises naturally grown pork, poultry, and beef!   We took a little field trip, and had a total blast!   I promise I will get some pictures an a little bit of a post put up soon! 


  1. Nice!!! I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Wow! That’s amazing. I wish I had that sort of commitment to eating better.


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