Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 16, 2010

Where did the time go?

Let’s see…in NO particular order…the last two weeks have looked like this…

Race for the Cure – Karen’s Kommandoes!

You can see more pictures HERE.

Yard Sale Prep – You would not believe the stuff that sold and the stuff that didn’t sell.

Yard Sale – There were 4 Families we made $1700 total!  Fri/Sat Only!

BabyAm got rear ended by a TEXTER no less.  While she was stopped.   Then she then rear ended another vehicle with kids in it.   The 20 year old kid continued to text after the accident, when he came up to check on BabyAm and then he even had the nerve to text and smoke while talking with the police officer!!!  Can you believe that kid????   To top it off State Farm screwed us over.  I hate them.   They were so completely rude to my husband, I can’t even think about it without getting mad and cussing inside my head (or out loud, depending).   The amount of damage done to our car was $3700 (which doesn’t look like it in the pictures of the car, its frame damage etc…so I didn’t post it), they so generously gave us a whoppin $2100.   There is no possible way we would have been able to replace our car with a like car,  for that minuscule amount of money.

I will NEVER use State Farm.  NEVER.  I don’t know how this woman sleeps at night with the way she treats people.   (That is too much of a story to tell right now, sorry)   All in all, PLEASE DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE, I BEG YOU.

Here’s a picture of the paramedics who came.   You can see the bail bonds place was real close had they put that 20 year old, disrespectful kid in the slammer!

We bought a new (used 2000 Dodge Stratus) car, and within 5 days of it being in our possession, we put $1000 into it.    Sucks.  Well $200 of it was oil/lube/filter/flush etc. and was kind of voluntary, the rest of it was a new distributor.   It’s a great car, and I’m sure it was just time.  Now we feel even more comfortable with it, than we did the Honda (94 Civic).

Lets see, now we are dealing with the medical claim, with State farm.  But the claims adjuster is out of town until Tuesday.   I hope he’s better than the witch Hubby dealt with on the car.

The air conditioner in the house was wired incorrectly when they put a new furnace in sometime in October.   They must not have even TRIED to test the Air, or they would have known it was wrong.   I am so thankful Hubby is a good handy man.  🙂   Now we just need to get the ducts cleaned out, so we can have more than a small puff of air coming out of the registers on the main floor.   We live in a tri-level, obviously by the pic above.

Anyway, BabyAm has finally finished all her finals for her 2nd semester of college…she’s glad it’s over and so are we.  She’s on her quest now, to find her very first job.   She’s finding it it quite enjoyable (not).

I also got almost all of my outlining done on my sleeve…finally it looks like a real sleeve and not several pieces.   I’ve got a couple more appointments and I’m going to need to take on some cancellations to get it finished.   But it’s so beautiful.   At my last appointment I got a black widow and web (on my elbow), some cala lillies, a bumble bee, and some other pieces colored in…it’s amazing.  Pictures soon I promise.  It’s peeling now, so it’s not very attractive.

I am now off to spend the afternoon at some friends of ours that we used to live across the street from, we are celebrating “C”s new job and “S” is makin’ Carne Asada!!!  Bring on the Tequila my friends!  🙂  Tomorrow starts a new beginning for our family in so many ways.


  1. Life is busy, isn’t it. Can’t believe the mess with the car and the stupid person texting!!! What an ass. Can’t wait to see your sleeve picture. Hope your Sunday was wonderful.


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