Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | July 1, 2011

Six Months=Long Time

It’s been almost 6 months of no blogging. I miss it. I miss every part of it. Only in the past couple weeks I have finally started catching up on some of my favorites. I even found a new one through a friend that I absolutely adore.

Wonder why I stopped. Wonder if I just felt like I’d made my self to venerable. I really can’t put my finger on it to tell you the truth. All I know is that it really was a great outlet for my thoughts.

Does anyone still come back to check in? Is that who I was writing for…others? I hope not. I hope I could share some insight into my world at least.

I suppose it’s time to start making time for something I enjoy again. One thing I look forward to -someday- is having my blog soft bound so that when I’m older and want to reminisce I will have something to help jog my memory and share with my grandchildren. That’s not even mentioning the information for generations after I’m gone. That’s a biggie.

Anyone want to help me get back on the wagon? Help me pick some posts to start? Here’s some things I want to share:

1. New Orleans-A Slumber Adventure
2. Motherhood-Will I ever be able to resign?
3. Depression, schizophrenia and the roller coaster
4. A vacation for two. Freaks a plenty!

Gosh there’s so much more. Leave a comment if there’s a particular one that sounds blog worthy.

See ya soon!


  1. #4 first. I know part of it, of course, but I’d like to hear about the end.

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me you’re back for good?? 😉


  2. I’m gonna try HM…I think I’m ready! I will post about the vacation. :). Thanks for commenting. I miss you already! Xoxoxoxo

  3. So nice to see you blogging again. I have checked your blog often and I knew one day you would post again. I think sometimes we just need to take a break breath and regain our focus. So much going on I think we have to give ourselves permission to take a “time out” I feel like I have been taking a “‘time out” for a long time, I am opening the door a crack but not ready to step out yet if that makes sense. Yet I feel it has been a time for me to focus on me and what I need to do to take care of me. Selfish in oh so many ways but for me oh so necessary. We need to get together and chat real soon friend. I don’t know which adventure to pick they all sound interesting.


  4. I think they all sound blog worthy. I checked in from time to time to see if you’d made your way back. I’m glad you are 🙂


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