Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 15, 2008

No rest for the weary!

Thought I’d better post early, I have no idea what today will bring.   I do know it’s going to probably bring wind (strong ones) and rain (hopefully not a lot of it).   And the temperature is supposed to be 31 degrees less than yesterday…!   It’s chilly out there, that’s for sure.

Hubby has a busy day today (some of which I’ll probably need to help with later this evening) and I too have over booked my schedule.   Should be a fun day!  I’m going to start off with Book Club, for my book I didn’t ever get finished.  Ok, I didn’t get much farther than the last time I told you about it, but that’s ok…they still let me go hang with them, eat and visit.  Thankfully.   They might be able to interest me more in it, if I listen to their thoughts…so I’m looking forward to it. 

Mrs. Potts and I have tons of Debate errands that need accomplished, after Book Club, so we’re going to TRY and get them all done in one fail swoop today.   We have donation requests to several local business’s to drop off, in hopes they’ll help with our End of the Year Banquet.   We have 15 tournaments worth of pictures to pull favorites out, so we can get copies made to put in a scrapbook (that we’ll get made in the next 45 days) and we want to stop by the school cafeteria to check out what we have to work with for the banquet.   And we want to get some SNACKS bagged up for STATE Speech that is this weekend as well.   You’re probably wondering why we didn’t delegate.  We have been!   It’s that whole Faithful 10 again, wow…I would have thought by the end of the year it would have gotten better.  NOPE!   It’s fine, we do it because we want to do it FOR THE STUDENTS. 

I have been giving Mrs. Potts a bad time, about how she should be blogging.   She GENEROUSLY agreed to do a Guest Blog for me one of these days, and honestly…she’s working on it!   She’s just giving it some finishing touches.    I’m thinking that I should probably tell you a little bit about her, and how I met and know her…so maybe I’ll give you a little info on her in the next day or so…you’ll get a kick out of her!

For now, I’d better get in gear and get something done BEFORE the day starts to catch up with me, and I get behind….

PS, I’ll blog about American Idol either LATE tonight, or in the morning.   We’ll TIVO it, if we aren’t home…and for the record, Michael Johns’ should NOT Have gone home on Wednesday!



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