Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 17, 2008

Who brings their own TEA, when visiting?

Seriously, who brings their own TEA when visiting?   Iced Tea, no less!   I can understand bringing your own beer, but COME ON!   TEA!  

So Mrs. Potts and I have been trying to get our tasks done for Debate, we had a few tournament folders of pictures to go through for the scrapbook (to give to the Coach) so we made plans to do that this afternoon.   I was visiting with her on the phone just prior to her coming over, and she asked me if I liked Iced Tea.   Of course I do!   We giggled, she said she was bringing me a present and mentioned something about “a bottle”.   I really didn’t think much of it, kinda figured she was joking about getting drunk, we could really use a stiff drink with all the stuff we’ve been doing lately…and then we hung up.

Would you believe she brought in a BOTTLE, that Hubby thought looked like a pint of BEER!    He had to take a second glance, because he thought the same thing…we needed a good stiff drink!

She set this bottle down and told me she BUYS IT BY THE CASE!   And she used to have it transported across state lines, just to get her fix!    OH MY WORD!   Too funny!    She finally found somewhere locally that sells it.   It’s a place I’m always nervous to go…the CO-OP!   Why am I nervous?  I’m not even sure if that is the right word, but I always feel like people are staring at us in our SUV, because we should be driving something more economical (yes, I know that!) and I just feel somewhat out of place…

All that said, NOW, since I think I am HOOKED on this “juice” I’m either going to have to order it off the internet (so no one really knows the addiction that is forming) or I’m going to have to park our gas guzzling, environment polluting SUV 3 blocks away just to go into the Co-Op!    Thanks a lot Mrs. Potts!

For some reason the TeJava website is down (I’m a freak, I emailed them), but I am putting the link in anyway, and I also found a nice little “article” about what it is for you too.

Does she not know I already have an addictive personality?   Not only have I (thankfully) befriended a TEA-SNOB, but also an ICED TEA-SNOB!  Who knew there even was such a thing!  I can’t wait for her to Guest Blog, she’s got a real whopper for you all!


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