Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 6, 2008

Fence Progression

Will the fence be built this week?   Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?   We’ve been trying so hard to be patient, however patience is running thin.

Yesterday Dig Line came and marked where the Gas and Water lines are, under the grass.  I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to get you all (and myself) too excited!  You know how frustrated I’ve been without a fence for 5 VERY LONG MONTHS, with too very high-strung boys!

And today, we have the builder’s “guy” outside with a metal detector looking for the property pins…please tell me we are one step closer!  I beg of you!  Please!  (Man our grass looks horrible in that picture…I should have photoshoped it!)


  1. You are one step closer to getting your fence! Wooohooo! YIIIIIIIPEEEEEEE! I love you bunches!


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