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Confessions of a Tea Snob

It is my pleasure to finally introduce you to my sweet friend, Mrs. Potts, the Tea Snob!  She’s been contemplating a guest blog for sometime now, and it’s finally here! 

Confessions of a Tea Snob


So I know what you are thinking what is a Tea Snob and why would one confess to being one.  First let me clarify one thing; when you hear the word “confession” you think some one is guilty or they have been keeping a secret and are embarrassed to share it.  Let me tell you none of that is true with my confession, I am a Tea Snob, proud of it and willing to announce it on the pages of this blog. Of course I am just a guest on this blog with the name of Mrs. Potts so none of you know who I really am.  Which might be good when you read what I have to say and want to slap me with a wet tea bag.    I suppose I have not completely come out of the tea pot as I am hiding behind my nick name.  Maybe in time I will truly steep and reveal myself.  


Ok enough, lets get to the top 10 reasons I consider myself a Tea Snob and maybe you too:   

  1. I drink only Black Tea.  Any other type is not considered tea.
  2. I must make it with boiling water from a tea kettle.  Microwaving is not an option unless in dire emergency.
  3. Tea must be steeped for at least two minutes or more.
  4. I can not use a tea bag twice.  Really, you can only use a tea bag once per cup or pot of tea.
  5. I carry tea with me wherever I go.  My dear friend (who writes this blog page) has fed this obsession by providing me with a tea wallet.  Thanks for feeding my madness! 
  6. I will not drink tea from a Styrofoam cup – I will in an emergency have it in a cardboard/paper cup.
  7. Milk and sugar are a must in your tea
  8. I drink more than four cups of tea a day – yes I am addicted!
  9. I drink only one kind of iced tea and that can only be bought at one particular store in town.  Its TeJava and I order it by the case.
  10. I make such poor coffee; I have given up making it and chucked the coffee maker!

So now you know why I consider myself a Tea Snob.  I know, it really is an attitude, and yes I like the fact that I am a tea snob.  I would love to hear from you.  Please leave me a comment.  You know I like this “Tea Snob”, might be the perfect name for a blog.  Might have to start one.  Off to boil the water, insert the black tea bag, let it step for two minutes and add the milk and sugar and enjoy a cuppa!

I have blogged several times, including Mrs. Potts in my freaky blog world while discussing so many things, from Debate to Book Club, Scrapbooking and even about how she Brought Her Own Tea when coming to visit.  (Those are just a few posts about Mrs. Potts, incase you’re new here!)   She is a wonderful new addition to my life and I am blessed to have met her!   Enjoy!  (PS…please leave her comments of encouragement, maybe it will help her decide to create her own blog soon!)

Thanks so much Mrs. Potts, you’re a riot! 
Come Back Soon!  


  1. Mrs. Potts,

    Your are a tea snob, and now my Tejava addiction is thanks to you. I too like black tea, black, (milk and sugar – how terribly British) but will drink various forms of black tea, including Earl and Lady Grey.

    Next blog on YOUR BLOG site, should be about the necessity to have tea while scrapping or card-making (thanks for another addiction).

    So, to those of you who know or don’t know Mrs Potts, Be afraid, very afraid, because you are sure to gain an addiction or two knowing this tea snob and just how wonderful, thoughtful, and creative this Christian lady can be!!!


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