Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 22, 2008

The Boxes!

You all know I’ve been making cards, you can see some of them here, and here.   I bought a couple stamp sets from one of my friends (I’m going to call her Mrs. Potts (from Beauty and the Beast) – she LOVES tea!)  Anyway those and a few inexpensive ones I purchased from the Archivers store here in town got me started.   But who could quit there?   My mom hit the JACKPOT with this one.   Her bosses wife sells Stampin’ Up stuff, and she was getting rid of some old, retired and misc stamp sets she didn’t want/need anymore, CHEAPLY I might add.   My mom got to pick first!   YEAH for me!!!!  (Thanks Mom!)  I scored I’m telling you! 

As promised…
The contents of the boxes my mom brought over last night.  
Is this not FUN!!!???!!!! 


Click on the picture to see it larger.

The stacks on the right (with the post it notes) are the ones I’ve picked out to keep.  The rest I am going to take with me after Spring Break, to see if any of the other stampin/scrappin/card makin girls want to go through them.

I will have to save my other things (Debate, One Night with the King, and A Matter of Wife & Death) for another day, because right now I think it’s time to STAMP! 


  1. You mean like this—-it just says that I’m inabling your obsession. As a Mother thats not a good thing to do. But as a friend, its great to have a hobby, and especially to share your talents. So my words of advice, Have a Ball, give yourself some enjoyment and spread it to the ones you share your talent with


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