Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 17, 2008

Tea and Crackers…

I am still not feeling 100%…tonight all I really wanted was some hot tea, and crackers.   Well I found out I was out of tea bags…so I had to resort to Green Tea (bags).   Just recently though, one of my sweet friends had mentioned to me (by the way who jokingly told me that she was a “Tea Snob”) that Green Tea is NOT tea.  (She’s so funny!)  And I haven’t wanted to even try it since….but, tonight I was stuck with hot NOT tea.  When she reads this, I hope she’ll forgive me, cuz…It’s all I had.   And she was right, it wasn’t good, and it really wasn’t tea.


And then…a couple hours ago, feeling sick to my stomach, I wanted (needed) some saltine crackers.   Guess what…yep – We’re out!   In looking through the pantry (that is clean by the way), I found that I have 4 boxes of Ritz Crackers, and a box of Tomato Basil Wheat Thins…but NO Saltines.   Thankfully we just had some friends move in two doors down, and so my dear Hubby went down and borrowed some saltines (I’ll return a NEW package).    Our friend (jokingly) asked if it they were for food purposes…or medicinal.   Hubby told him it was our food for the week.  Great, now they’ll think we’re poor.   Not really….but still.


Humphrey Bogart had another seizure this morning (2nd one in 3 weeks), this could possibly be why Momma isn’t feeling so hot today/tonight, cuz I’m really worried about him.   He has an appointment tomorrow for more tests.  Poor little guy.

Both are on my grocery list – and seem to be necessities…so, I think it’s time to stop at the store tomorrow, before or after Humphrey’s appointment.


  1. Huh? What do you mean green tea isn’t tea??? I LOVE green tea!! 🙂

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. 😦


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